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VP miền trung : số 198 Nguyễn Trung Thiên, Phường Thạch Quý, Thành Phố Hà Tĩnh
VP Miền Nam : 212 Đ. Số 8, Linh Xuân, Thủ Đức, Hồ Chí Minh
VP Hà Nội : số 79 Hồ Tùng Mậu, Q.Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội
Phone+84 949 171 916

on-demand software, Outsourcing in Vietnam, Hanoi, Ho chi Minh city

Phi Long software _ Contact: +84949171916; Mail : Hotrophanmemphilong@gmail.com

ntroduction to Software Programming at Phi Long software:

With many years of experience in the field of writing on-demand software and analyzing software design, Phi Long software has launched a lot of software, satisfying most and supporting the work of businesses quite well.

Being well aware of the importance of updating technology in developing the company in particular and the work efficiency of customers and partners in general. We advocate that we have been developing a team of good staff in the fields of writing software on demand, database programming and using, effectively exploiting and expanding specialized software as well as mastering software. catch up with modern programming tools and technologies.

We are ready to advise, provide package solutions, write on-demand software to serve professional requirements, manufacture for individual and organizational customers as well as provide outsourcing services. software in specialized areas.

We always listen and accept all opinions and design software to meet the requirements of the unit to be able to provide a complete and most suitable software system for each user. in each field of activity.

Product Description:

Our software uses modern programming tools:

  Programming language

Advantages Phi Long software programming gives you:

  Using Service Oriented Architecture – SOA.

  – Work with supporting devices such as printers, barcode scanners, rfid readers, handheld PDAs…

  - Completed in a timely manner at your request.

  – Dedicated consulting, creative reasonable solutions bring high economic efficiency.

  – The software can run on many models: single machine, in lan or internet connection, with web-base/mobile or win-base graphical interface.

  – The software allows to assign detailed user rights depending on the requirements of the management.

  Packaged software for easy installation and configuration.

  - Beautiful interface, support Vietnamese, simple to use software to help you control and search data in the software faster.

  – Runs on all windows operating systems: Xp, Vista, Win7, Win 10, Window Server, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android…

And above all, we meet all new requirements, edit to suit your new business needs.

The international standard describing methods for software selection, implementation and lifecycle monitoring is ISO/IEC 12207.

A decades-long process with the goal of finding repeatable and predictable processes to improve labor efficiency and product quality. Some people have tried to systematize or formalize the tasks of writing software that do not follow any rules at all. Others apply project management techniques to writing software. Without project management, software projects can easily be delivered late or over budget. With a large number of software projects not meeting expectations in terms of functionality, cost or delivery schedule, it is a fact that there is a lack of effective project management practices.

There are four operations that are the foundation of most software processes:

1. Software specification: The functions of the software and the conditions for it to work must be defined.

2. Software development: For software to reach specification this development process must be in place.

3. Software evaluation: Software must be evaluated to make sure it does what the customer wants.

4. Software evolution: Software must evolve to satisfy changing customer requirements. If you are in need of writing software on request, please call us at phone number: 0949171916 or email us via mail: hotrophanmemphilong@gmail.com or skype: giapth_hti